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  5. "Ninawaita"


Translation:I am calling them

June 3, 2019



Why "I am calling you" - from the previous question - is Ninawaiteni and "I'm calling them" is Ninawaita? I don't understand the reason for the "-eni" suffix to be only in the 2nd person plural, since they are both plural.


It is not a question of being plural or not: the -eni suffix is there to solve the ambiguity between 'you (pl)' and 'them', since both use the object infix -wa-. There are actually three ways to solve this issue: E.g. for 'I am calling you (pl)':

Add ninyi to remove the ambiguity: Ninawaita ninyi

Ninawaiteni: this is what DL teaches us, and apparently the most common construction.

Ninakuiteni: using the singuar -ku- infix for you, but using the plural -eni suffix.


Nimeelewa. Asante sana kwa ufafanuzi! I did know that you and them, use the same infix, but it was not clear to me as how this would disambiguate.


No sound and i am confused


I have sound, try a different browser. Also if you read the tips at the beginning of the lesson it is very helpful.

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