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  5. "ʻAʻole ʻoe i ʻoka i ka wai?"

"ʻAʻole ʻoe i ʻoka i ka wai?"

Translation:Didn't you order water?

June 3, 2019



Can someone please explain when you use "i" with "ʻoka"? I'm not noticing a pattern.


Does "i 'oka" here represent past tense?


Sometimes I get shot down for leaving out the "the." Why does "ka" mean "(some)" here?


'A'ole 'oe i 'oka i wai? = Didn't you order some water. 'A'ole 'oe i 'oka i ka wai? = Didn't you order the water. or Didn't you order water?


But has anyone ever ordered water not hoping to get some water?


ahhhh ok ! mahalo ! :D


They counted my answer correct - same as I see above here. However they have an error.

This is in tiles and I put the tiles: "Did * n't * you * order * the * water

Their response:
"You have a typo. Did not you order the water? " The word "not" was underlined for the correct typing.

So...1) it was tiles so I cannot have a typo. 2) there was no "not" tile. 3) "Did not you order water" would not be a good translation anyway. ...."Did you not order water" would be okay.

Oh well, just quite peculiar...

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