If I did all of the Romanian content on Duolingo, could I pass an A1 test?

To satisfy my love of learning languages, I am trying to find a "fun" language that I would try to get to A1 level. Due to my current knowledge of English and my learning of Spanish and French, I think Romanian would be good as it is a romance language also.

If I went with Romanian and mastered all the content on the tree, could I pass a standard A1 test?

June 3, 2019


So, I'm a native speaker and I took the Duolingo test to unlock as much of the course as possible. I didn't get 100% of the content unlocked, apparently I don't speak my native language well enough for Duolingo :) I think if you finish the course you should be fine, I'd say maybe then you might need to increase your vocabulary, I find Duolingo is quite repetitive sometimes, but maybe that's just in the first part of the course.

June 5, 2019

You might want to try asking the question in the Romanian language forum. I believe there are some great bilingual users there who could advise you. I realize I am only about 1/3 of the way through the content at my level 17 but I rather doubt that any fluency will be forthcoming unless I use other sources somewhere. It is a great basis so far, though.

June 3, 2019

There, just changed it to the Romanian forum. And I am not targeting fluency in Romanian likely ever, as it is not a very common and/or practical language, but I mainly want to pick a course to do for fun.

Thank you!

June 3, 2019

Considering A1 is the lowest level of the "CEFR", Duolingo would be doomed if you complete the hole Romanian tree and are unable to pass a respective test.

In general, from self-experience and what I read from others, if you complete a language you should be at a level somewhere between A2 and at best B1. Assumed you use Duolingo only. If you rely on other sources you can of course surpass that level.

June 3, 2019

If you want some natives to talk with maybe you can hit our discord server:

Good luck!

August 5, 2019
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