"That family consists of the husband and wife and their two children."

Translation:Keluarga itu terdiri dari pasangan suami-istri dan dua anak mereka.

June 3, 2019

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would not "keluarga itu terdiri dari suami dan istri dan dua anak mereka" have the same meaning?


Iya, itu juga betul. Yes, that is also right.


suonds great to me, but I am not a native speaker


"Terdiri dari", "terdiri atas" or both are right?


keduanya sama, both are the same by the way.


Keluarga ini terdiri dari pasangan suami istri -? This family consists of a married couple. Confusing when the statement is This family consists of a husband and wife. Please explain


There is no word "menikah" = "married" so i think it isn't needed. It is also "husband and wife" in English cause suami-istri is written and natural in english than -"That family consists of couple husband and wife and their two children."- Weird sentence


Pasanagan? Suami dan istri dan dua anak anak mereka should work yah?


"Keluarga itu terdiri atas suami istri dan dua anak mereka" is accepted, so without 'pasangan' (and without the extra 'dan' and, indeed, any punctuation to show that it's a list!). Also no need to reduplicate 'anak' as it is preceded by a number that already shows it's plural.


Why is "anak-anak" wrong here?


We don't reduplicate a noun where the noun phrase is already explicitly plural (such is here - 'dua anak'), implicitly plural or where it doesn't really matter to the sense. So reduplication doesn't happen much at all in spoken/informal Bahasa Indonesia!

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