"The kings have my house."

Translation:Dāryssy ñuhon lenton ēzi.

June 4, 2019



How can I have a typo in a word that I didn't type. This is fill in the blank. I put in nuhor instead of nuhon, and the response was that I had a typo, and that lenton should be lentor. It's just a bug, but in fill-in-the blank I would expect my errors to be limited to what I actually put in :)

June 4, 2019


That's just how Duolingo works. It does some strange stuff in this regard. It could be both lenton and lentor (although the actual meaning would change slightly), but this sentence is used for different types of exercises, so this is a small inconsistency. And since Duolingo accepted your answer anyway, I would ignore it. :)

June 4, 2019
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