"Aquilo é madeira de verdade?"

Tradução:Is that real wood?

June 4, 2019

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"Is that wood real" is just as good a translation as "Is that real wood". It all depends on whether you want to emphasize "wood" or "real".


"Is that wood real?" is a perfectly good sentence, but it's not a faithful translation of the sentence given. Rather, it's a translation of:

"Aquela madeira é verdadeira/real?"

It's not simply that the emphasis is different, it's also gramatically different, with the pronoun "aquilo/that" being changed into a determiner (adjective) modifying "madeira/wood", while the qualifying adjectival phrase, "de verdade/real", has now become a stand-alone adjective after the verb. In other words, it's a different sentence, and for this reason Duo won't accept it.

More on this kind of structural change here:
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