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  5. "He wants to sleep."

"He wants to sleep."

Translation:वह सोना चाहता है।

June 4, 2019



Different uses of " Sahiye"and "sahta" &sahthi


The verb चाहना and its other forms (like चाहता and चाहती) except चाहिए always mean 'want'.

Eg: मैं बैंगलोर जाना चाहता हूँ। - I want to go to Bangalore वह आकाशवाणी पर गाना चाहती थी। - She wanted to sing on the radio अगर तुम चाहो तो वहां जा सकते हो। - If you want, you can go there

On the other hand, चाहिए is 'should'/'need to' (when used with a verb) and 'need' (when used with a noun)

Eg: मुझे बैंगलोर जाना चाहिए। - I should go to Bangalore उसे आकाशवाणी पर गाना चाहिए।- She should sing on the radio मुझे सौ रुपये चाहिए। - I need ₹100 (expresses a stronger sentiment than चाहता/want)

Note: The letter च् is pronounced like the 'ch' in 'chair'. Not like 's'.


Why is वह right and यह wrong?


Both are right. You can report if it's not accepted.

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