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  5. "qama' DuQ QoQ."

"qama' DuQ QoQ."

Translation:The music moves the prisoner.

June 4, 2019



Does this mean it physically moves the prisoner or that it moves them emotionally? Or could it mean both?


Emotionally. DuQ actually means "to stab". When a piece of music reaches deep into you and touches you emotionally, a Klingon says "it stabs you".


I tried, "stabs," which wasn't accepted, because it's not the English meaning, I guess. But I still think that using words literally is a valid way to improve understanding and vocabulary. I mean, it could have happened in the prisoner's dream.


That's a good point. However, by accepting it, would it be possible that someone who knows the literal meaning might miss learning the figurative meaning? This clearly does NOT mean what the literal meaning would be and we don't have the idiom in English that music "stabs" you. Saying that in English is meaningless and is only reasonable to say if you are already familiar with the Klingon idiom. But if you say that on this Duolingo exercise, we can't tell if you've learned that Klingon idiom. So I'm inclined not to accept it. Though perhaps when we revise the course, we should put it in a Skill with only idioms and an explanation that we won't accept literal translations.


I see your point. Of course we can't wait to see the revised course!

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