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  5. "some other trucks of ours"

"some other trucks of ours"

Translation:kekahi mau kalaka o kākou

June 4, 2019



There wasn't an option to report this correctly, so I'll post it here: There were two options given (listed bellow), and I chose the second, which, as far as I'm aware, is still a correct translation, just used in the context of "you and I". The original English translation does not indicate which "we" is being used in this context.

kekahi mau kalaka o kākou

kekahi mau kalaka o kāua


Mahalo nui iā ʻoe e Chasavaqe. You are totally right about the ambiguity of the "our/we" in the original sentence, and so both should be accepted. I've added "kāua" to the accepted answers. We'll see how long the Duolingo system takes to update.


Mahalo nui! Thanks for helping with this tree! I'm really enjoying it so far!

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