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"chu''a' paqvetlh? ghobe'. ngo'."

Translation:Is that book new? No. It is old.

June 4, 2019



why are ngo' and qan different words?


ngo' means not new, while qan means not young. One is used for objects and the other is used for living things. You wouldn't call a young man a new man and you wouldn't call a new book a young book.


In Turkish, which also distinguishes between eski (not new) and yaşlı (not young), eski shares with English "old" the meaning "former" -- as in "our old cook [= the 20-year-old whom we had to fire] was no use so now we have a new one".

Though I suppose in Klingon that would have to be vutwI'ma' Deq rather than vutwI'ma' ngo'.

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