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Welcome to the Duolingo Educators Forum!

Welcome to the Duolingo Educators Forum!

If you’re new to the forum, you’re probably curious of its particular purpose. This forum serves as a hub where educators can ask questions and also interact with one another.

Basically, if you’re a teacher who uses Duolingo for Schools in your classroom, this is the perfect spot to share your experiences and advice.

Content not allowed on the Educators forum:

• Spam

• General threads not related to Schools or language learning in the classroom

• Sharing of classroom codes

• Comments from students not related to Duolingo for Schools

In the event that your topic isn’t appropriate for this forum, it will be moved by forum staff to a relevant forum. We encourage teachers to remind their students not to use this forum as a chat room.

Lastly, if you recognize any violations of community guidelines please report these by using the following form: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

June 4, 2019

This discussion is locked.


Note: sharing classroom codes on Duolingo forums is not permitted:

To quote Lrtward :

Classrooms are part of "Duolingo for Schools" (https://schools.duolingo.com/) and it is meant to be used by real teachers with their real life students. It is also used by parents who wish to monitor their children's learning and progress.

Sometimes a normal user creates a classroom, thinking it is going to be like a fun club or practice group, and they post the code or link and invite other users to join. Moderators delete these posts for two reasons:

The code/link exposes the "teacher's" email address, which is a security risk and against Duolingo's guidelines The "students" who join the classroom give the "teacher" the ability to:
a. remove portions of the course
b. prevent them from using the discussion forums
c. see their email address
d. reset their password

Duolingo for Schools is a great tool in the right settings, but it's not something the average person would benefit from.


Thank you so much for this friendly reminder. :-) There has been lots of Spam in this particular forum for ages.


So how does one communicate with the Duolingo folks?


It all depends what it is about.

Also there is :
- DailyDuo OPEN THREAD [20191229], which is the current open one. This is run by the volunteer Global Ambassador Little_Tatws
Link to find the current one for when that one closes Current DailyDuo [Updates Weekly]
So it also depends by what you mean by Duolingo folks. I consider all of us Duolingo folks, but I am suspecting you may be meaning something different.

Also, as a heads up, this question of yours would be quite appropriate to be asked in the Duolingo general forum. Unless it is an issue concerning Education, such as for Teachers using Duolingo - i.e. for a Duolingo Schools issue in particular.


Great! Thank you so much for this friendly reminder. :-)


Thank you, I wasn’t sure what the educators forum was!


I am a French teacher and I use Duolingo Schools for my classes. When I assign a topic, the graphics are not the same as in the students' view, and when I go to the class's "Course Progress" it shows the same icon I see on my end (not the same as the students) and it does not show what the students have done. I've emailed for support several times, but I am not getting any responses. Please help!


In the event that your topic isn’t appropriate for this forum, it will be moved by forum staff to a relevant forum...

It sure would be nifty if the forum mods could actually move posts but I believe all they can do is delete them.

Adding a link to the main post here on "How to Move a Post" to the correct forum along with the link on How to Figure Out What is the Correct Forum might help cut down on the daily clutter (and annoyance).

Duolingo: [GUIDE] How to move a post:

[Guide] In which forum should I post my discussion?

EDIT: Might you also consider renaming the forum from "Educators" to "Duolingo for Schools" or at least, "Educators (Duolingo for Schools)" so it is more clear the purpose of this particular forum?


Hi, I am having trouble with some of my students putting in the code for their class and then their screen says that either that class does not exist or that there is an error even though it is the correct code. How do I fix this so that I can get all of my students to join their correct class?


Thank you for reminding me. I almost posted one in the Educators! I'm thankful someone like you would kindly post a nice reminder. ☺♥ Ö


Thanks for the reminder


Thank you for the reminder


My students can only use it on their laptop?

Also, can anyone recommend any video tutotials?

I would really appreciate it .

Long live duolingo


Hi daKanga! Thank you for this valuable collection of references!

Here are a few videos available on YouTube for people who prefer watching videos to just clicking around and exploring a little on their own.






You could check out some videos on YouTube or an article named 'How to Use Duolingo' on WikiHow. You can use Duolingo on either laptop or phone, (the mobile version). There are tips, a discussion page, shop and a variety of different languages to choose from. Also, there is a help page too.

Hope this helped. :)


Can somebody explain to me how timestamps work? I managed to copy/paste data from Activity Log for each individual student, but the number of entries (timestamps) does not correspond to the number of lessons that shows on the Activity Details report generated from the Classroom page (for individual students). How is that possible?


I've also seen some glitches. What you need to do is take a few comparative screenshots and report it as a bug. I'd also recommend starting a thread in the troubleshooting forum. https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Thanks so much for this reminder .


I need some help. My students (some, not all), used the link to join my class, but they are not showing up. Why? Thanks in advance!


Hi Kelly! We do have some troubles with that feature. My only recommendation (for now, until this problem is fixed) is that you create the accounts for them. You can see how in this tutorial https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Vm5PXpOPBleqpRg9aewbrT6qkXllmm2f


Can anyone assist with posting assignments to a class ? I have students that are completing an assignment on their iPads but on my end it it not complete. Merci


Hello! I teach Spanish, and I have multiple class sections of the same level of study (level 2 Spanish). However, I do not want to put these two class sections together because of organizational and logistic purposes. Yet, the one drawback to creating a class that is separate for each period, yet the same course, is that you cannot assign the same skill to more than one class a time. Is there a work around to this? Do I have to just post an assignment per class? It would be nice to post like Google Classroom does, and post the same thing to multiple sections. Thanks!


Duolingo already offers an integration with Google Classroom (and Duolingo is always open to new ideas).

Right now, when you select "Invite Students" in your classroom view, a pop-up will appear offering you the option of sharing the link to join via Google Classroom on the bottom of the small window. :]

Also, it is integrated with https://www.remind.com/

You / others may also like to check out :

When you create a classroom, look out for this screen:

More information on Google classroom

Also, it could be beneficial to check out https://www.remind.com/


Would a new language post be relavant?


I think generally the forums are intolerant to "new language" posts because there is a semi-official way to show support for languages that is currently the third sticky from the top of the Duo for English forum (and has been there, at the top for a looooong time):


[GUIDE] I would like a new course: What should I do?


If you wish to discuss an interest in a new language with fellow community members, the Duolingo general forum is the better place for it.


I would like to share with you a great idea that will make Duolingo is the first learning app on the internet. First, we need to make some separate language courses on their own languages of the users. for they learn language from the same language as learning English from English. After that, we will focus on cover the words of b1 and b2 levels in those courses and we can work on cover c1 and c2 levels in other courses later on. Final, all the language learners will be interested in Doulingo to improve their own languages and that will make the students interested to cover that material that maybe examed in their schools. Sorry, if you find my language bad but I am not an English speaker I am an Arabic speaker.


Please post about this in the general "Duolingo" forum. The Educators forum, as Kevin has said, is for discussing "Duolingo for Schools".

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