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  5. "Die Kinder haben Durst."

"Die Kinder haben Durst."

Translation:The children are thirsty.

April 14, 2013

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Shouldn't it translate to The children have thirst?


No. "Hunger haben" and "Durst haben" are idiomatic expressions. While I've occasionally heard "ich bin durstig" ('I am thirsty') from my friend's kid, he usually says "ich habe Durst", which is the usual way of saying one is thirsty in German.

In English, it's very rare to hear someone say he has hunger or thirst, but usually one describes himself as hungry or thirsty. That's what makes it a better translation.


Is it correct to translate as "Die Kinder sind Durst"


In a regular conversational situation, no it isn't since Durst is a noun, which would sound in English as, "The children are hunger". However, if your purpose is poetic or emphatic, and your meaning is that the children are the personification of "Hunger", then it works... but such interpretations are beyond the purpose of this site, especially at this lower level of knowledge.


actually, even in your translation it should be "Die Kinder sind durstig". As Durst is the noun form of thirst. Versus adding -ig (which adds the English equivalent of the -ty postfix). So "thirsty" is durstig, not Durst because it is not an object of an action. But rather is a state of "being".

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