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  5. "E hui kāua i kēia ahiahi?"

"E hui kāua i kēia ahiahi?"

Translation:Let's get together this evening?

June 4, 2019



This can't be right. There's a question mark at the end of a statement. How would the Hawaiian version of the sentence be phrased to translate "Shall/Can we get together this evening?" so the punctuation is justified?


Its ultimately no different then asking a friend in english "We still on for tonight?" Or more specifically " Should we meet up tonight?"


The structure of yes/no questions are generally identical to that of the equivalent statements. In this case:

"Is her name Ka'iulani?"
'O Ka'iulani kona inoa?

"Her name is Ka'iulani."
'O Ka'iulani kona inoa.

"Let's you and I get together."
E hui kāua.

"Let's you and I get together?"
E hui kāua?

It is a bit odd in English, but is not a problem in Hawaiian.


"Let's meet" should also be accepted.


"Are we meeting" or "Shall we meet" should also be accepted.


I looked for all of those in the word bubbles and found nothing available that might justify a question mark. Is there someone with better understanding of the nuances of ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i who might be able to shine a light on the phrasing?

[deactivated user]

    "Are you and I meeting tonight?" I was marked wrong.


    Why not, "are we meeting this evening?"

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