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Completely senseless and useless sentences

I love the idea behind Duolingo. Repeat words and sentences about a quadrillion times until they got stuck in the brain. Wonderful! But why are there so many useless phrases? My god, i hope I will never have to stand there and tell some hapless chap: David: You are a man! - I mean: If he doesn't know his own gender why should I be the one to tell him the truth? Why aren't there more useful phrases like: Hi! My name is Alexandra. Where are you from? I come from Germany. I am xy years old and I work as a(n)... Instead of that I have to repeat about 100.000.001 times: Bread and salt. Water. The boy drinks water. The elefant drinks water. The ducks drink water. The snail eats bread. The ducks eat bread. The horse eats salt. Bread and salt. Water. Breakfast. Bread and water. So - no problem if I will ever get thrown into jail and there's nothing but bread and water for me (wait - didn't they change that in most countries?). But what if I want to introduce myself and all I can remember is: Bread and salt? In whatever frigging language I tried in Duolingo, I always have to learn about man/woman/child/girl/boy/bread/water first. And a lot of welcome/farewell after that. And still no sign of "my name is/I am from ..." for a long, long time as there are colours and animals and stuff to learn first. Ah, and the food things. Like bread. And water. And salt. Dear Duo, wisest of all owls: Please tell me why I have know so much about bread and water and salt (and apples. In French there is a lot of apple-things going on. While it is a fair amount of meat in Danish, I have to say). I love to learn languages but I would prefer a bit more practical stuff. Words and phrases that help me connecting with people. Pretty please?

June 4, 2019



I think every course offers some nonsense sentences. Whenever you see something like that, the point of the exercise is to figure out the structure and to translate accordingly. If everything was predictable, then learners could memorize them. When you get a far-out sentence that makes you think for a moment, that's just as valuable to learn as useful sentences.


I don't mind nonsense. The more nonsense, the better. It is that endless bread and salt and boys and girls in the beginning. It feels like it's going on for all eternity with bread and water and salt instead of some common phrases people can actually use in dialogues when meeting new people.


You don't need to finish crown levels 2-5 in the simple skills!

"Spaced repetition" is very important.
This is explained in moderator hughcparker's comment in

Some background information about "Duolingo's Crown method

The advice in the English Duolingo Help Center

you don’t have to get to Level 5 right away!

We in fact recommend you don’t get to Level 5 all in one go.

Level 5 is there to show that you have practiced the words in that skill a ton and probably don’t need further practice on it for quite a while. It’s completely optional.

We definitely think we can do a better job of encouraging you not to binge on one skill, though, since that can feel really repetitive.

How can you make the program add new material?

  • Tap on a new skill in "crown level" 0 (purple circle)
  • do all the lessons in that skill until the skill has reached "crown level" 1 (blue circle)
  • tap the next new skill in "crown level" 0 (purple circle)
  • etc. etc.

When are you going to do lessons in skills with "crown level" 1-4?


What language course is it?


I may have chosen the wrong topic. In that case, please feel free to move it to a better spot.


Why do you thank me? :)


Because you let me move it to another spot.


Ah, I wasn't aware that you are an admin. :) Thank you for making it right.

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