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  5. "They read her a magazine."

"They read her a magazine."

Translation:Eles leem uma revista para ela.

April 14, 2013



Can you say eles leem uma revista a ela?


In this case, the correct preposition is "Para".


Isso está errado! O correto é "eles leram a revista"! Não "eles leram-lhe uma revista" isso está completamente errado e entra em conflito com a concordância também! Além desse gravíssimo erro gramatical!


Oi Carol, eu não concordo. Quite on the contrary, I'd have to agree with G.P.Niers, even though without sound (which I don't have, unfortunately), English 'read' could also be presente indicativo, 3ra pessoa/pl. Your suggested sentence "Eles leram a revista" does not fit the English sentence for two reasons;

  • You are using the specific article "a", which would translate to English 'the'. The exercise says "a magazine".

  • The exercise contains an indirect objective, "her" (to whom are they reading) which you fail to include in your PT sentence.

My suggested translation failed because I attempted using 'a' rather than 'lhe', exactly as G.P.Niers points out above, i.e. the difference between direct and indirect objectives. :-)


I don't see how ‘eles leram-lhe uma revista’ conflicts with concordance. ‘Leram’ is third person plural, as is ‘eles’. And your ‘correct solution’ fails to translate ‘her’ (an also uses ‘leram’ by the way).


Eles a leem a revista?


The "a" before "leem" is to replace the word "a revista".

  • They read the magazine = eles leem a revista.

  • They read it = eles a leem.

You can't use "a" and "a revista" together. It'd be something like "They read it the magazine".


Oh I see, thank you!


my verb book says there is an accent over the second e in leem. Is this not correct? The book is barron's 501 portuguese verbs


It's outdated. The new spelling is "leem".

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