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Who is learning a language because they are going on holiday? I'm going for 1 month in September.

I'm learning Turkish. Has anyone had experience learning from this site, and then applying what you learned on holiday? Basically, I don't want to go to Turkey and speak English for 28 days. I want to speak Turkish.


June 5, 2019



It is nice of you, but where will you go to?

Turkish is a nice language and you definetely should try to learn. 3 months time is enough to learn the basics. But Turkish has no similarities to other European languages and it will be hard probably.


I want to help


Thanks. I want to help you.


I hope you will love Turkey. I am a Turkish and I am start to learning English because being multilingual is the one of my dreams. I hope that I wrote this article correctly. I am 13 now and I know a little English. I wanna improve myself. İyi tatiller :)


I am going to Turkey for 3 weeks in 2020. I have been using Duolingo for 5 months and I am still struggling, but I am enjoying the process of exercising my mind. It has been 50 years since I tried to learn a new language. It's definitely harder when you get older, and this is the hardest language I have attempted to learn. I do think that any attempt to speak the local language when traveling is appreciated and shows respect for the culture and people. Good luck to you!

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