"Mantel ini gelap."

Translation:This coat is dark.

June 5, 2019

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And full of terrors


Gelap here refers to: warnanya, its color :)

But, in oral, Indonesian people often say, "Mantel ini gelap".


It is so hard to distinguish this male voice between "terang" and "gelap".


I totally agree! The male voice in all the lessons is difficult to understand.. Why have they changed this? It's now almost impossible to learn the correct pronunciation


The English is so not right


when I use this app on my phone there are times when I'm doing translation where I cannot see what I'm typing. I need to remove the keyboard off the screen to see my answer. In this case I noticed I Completely misspelled my translation of this coat is dark... But accidentally hit the green button trying to get back to the keyboard and it submitted my answer. - Mantl ini geap. Which was accepted even though it was completely misspelled. I'll take the points because I knew it was wrong, but that's not good Duo accepted that translation


I also found the male voice very hard to understand. I also do not know when it is a question tone or an affirmative tone he is using.


Mantel is rarely used here. Everyone uses the word jaket. I see many words here that are rarely used in daily conversations.


no, mantel is also used quite frequently. indonesians see mantel and jaket as two different things. we can wear a jaket on the inside and then a mantel on the outside. but we never want to wear a mantel inside of a jaket.

in most cases, just "mantel" in indonesia refers specifically to a raincoat. furthermore, a raincoat is also commonly be called as "jas hujan" or literally "rain suit", some people also call it a "ponco" because it looks like a poncho (native americans' outer garment).

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