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Please make crown level visible for teachers in Duolingo Classroom


When you make a Duolingo Classroom, you can see the days active, number of lessons, skills and XP for each student. What is much more interesting for the students (and me) is their crown level. It could be really nice if the teacher could see their crown level, because it is much more interesting to compare. If a student finds something easy, it is fine, that they take tests, but a test counts less number of lessons, and thereby it is a disadvantage for good students to take tests, when you count lessons.

Kind regards

Jesper Bjoernholt Teacher of spannish for danes.

June 5, 2019



The students' crown levels are shown in https://schools.duolingo.com/classroom/nnnnnnn/course_progress
(nnnnnnn = your classroom number)

Comment of administrator DuoTimSchools

The colors on the pie chart correspond to the colors of the levels in the skill tree.

Blue: crown level 1
Green: 2
Red: 3
Orange: 4
Gold: 5



Thank you, Pentaan! That was helpful! That makes this years competition posible! I would stil find it even more helpfull if the Duolingo team added the feature in the oversight, so I did not have to count for each student.

Kind Regards Jesper

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