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Schools: Student Account Login Error

As a teacher, I created accounts for all the grade 4 students in my class. They have since changed account names, changed passwords, and forgotten their passwords (thus my need to reset them) more times than I can count, so I definitely know how to do that successfully.

Recently though, one particular account has had a password error that cannot seem to be fixed with a password reset. No matter the password I enter (and I've tried a few now, to make sure), the account will still notify me when he tries to log in that the password is incorrect. Clicking the "Forgot?" link doesn't help, because it created a Duolingo email for him when I made the accounts (without email addresses), so he can't get to anywhere to fix it either. I have tried entering his Duolingo account name (he changed it from the original) as well as the Duolingo email address that it provided him. The changed password refuses to work.

I cannot find a "contact us" link to receive help with this issue aside from these forums. Hopefully someone can help me - I do not want the student to have to redo all his work.

Thank you for your help!

June 5, 2019



.... "contact us" link ....



Thanks so much.

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