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  5. "Auē! Moni ka hāʻae."

"Auē! Moni ka hāʻae."

Translation:Oh! My mouth waters.

June 5, 2019



(link) https://manomano.io/definition/3576


[PE] 1 nvi Saliva, spittle; to slobber, drool. Kahe ka hāʻae,

moni i ka hāʻae, to drool or water at the mouth.

(link) https://manomano.io/definition/26055


[PE] 1 vt To swallow, gulp down, absorb.

Moni ka hāʻae, to water at the mouth, drool; Lit. swallow the saliva.

Moni kū, to swallow defiantly, said by Kamehameha in contempt of a foe. Ua moni mai au i kāna mau ʻōlelo apau, I drink in all he says.

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Is this the equivalent of "broke da mouth" in pidgin?


I never use this phrase so I have to rely on DL for the English translation. The only way I've ever seen it translated is "The mouth waters." Yet when I use this I get an error message because I didn't change it to first person singular. Where is there any indication that I should have made that adjustment?


So, I'm getting, from repeated corrections, that "Auē! is "Oh" and "Auwe" is "Wow?" How does one make this distinction in a conversation? They sound identical to my haole ears. E kokua mai?


These lessons seem to be written by someone new, because the translations are very different (hovering over a word gives the whole phrase and not word by word) - not nearly as helpful. Wehewehe was more so: "Moni ka hāʻae, to water at the mouth, drool; lit., swallow the saliva"


Seems like this one has only one correct answer. These were marked wrong:

Oh, my mouth is watering.

Wow, this is making me drool.

Oh, I'm drooling.

Oh, I'm swallowing my own saliva.

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