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  5. "Are the chips on the plate?"

"Are the chips on the plate?"

Translation:Aia ke kipi ma ke pā?

June 5, 2019



My answer: Aie ke kipi ma ke pa mea 'ai? For an earlier translation of "Didn't you order me a plate?" I said: 'A'ole 'oe i 'oka i pa, na'u? and it was wrong because I didn't say "pa mea 'ai na'u?" So which is it?


Another sentence was as follows:

Are the extra chips on the plate? = Aia ke kipi keu ma ke pā mea ʻai?

Now, for Are the chips on the plate? I put: Aia ke kipi ma ke pā mea ʻai? and was marked wrong.

I just want to make sure this is a case of DL overlooking a valid answer; or am I missing something? (Not unlikely, as Iʻve done many times before.)

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