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Doing the 'test out of section' test after completing all lessons in a section

What happened to the key hole that allows you to test out of a section after you complete the lessons in that section? Now it turns into a check mark. Before, I was able to do all the individual lessons then click on the key hole to do the test as an extra 'final exam' for the section. This was good because it brought all the contents together. I want to do all the lessons first and not test out of the section. Will duolingo put this option back?

April 14, 2013



Test out options are designed to let you quickly pass through a part you know well. They were never intended to be final exams for those who do every lesson. They could be used as such in the previous version of Duolingo if you did not master the lessons as you were going through them, I guess. Now there is no difference between "learning" and "mastering" the lesson and this opportunity no longer exists. I don't think Duolingo will bring this back, but who knows, maybe they will make some exams later on :-)


Okay. It was just a nice and tidy way to wrap up a section for me.


I think it's been a mistake to remove that functionality as you can only test out the very same aspect now. It helps much more (memory in particular) to have everything thrown together so you are not trapped in a fenced-off area where all the questions are similar. Database queries taking their toll or why was it removed?

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