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Cooperation Instead of Competition

Leaderboards/Leagues are still quite new. I tried to stay in the promotion area. There was some impetus to do more than usual. And after a week I ask myself, why do I start lessons in languages that I know better than my native one.

I am on Duolingo to learn a NEW language and to IMPROVE the ones I rarely exercise. For me THIS is the objective of all the gamefication, that we see here. But why should we all learn languages?

Common Languages are NECESSARY for communication, which is required FOR COOPERATION. The common base of our discussion is ENGLISH. If it you do not share this knowledge, you will not understand or even contribute to my words here.

In my opinion Duolingo lacks cooperation components. There are "events". How many of you have visited one of them. Did it improve your language skills? There are "discussions". How many have you attented to in your training language, if you are not about to learn English. There have been "clubs", which I remember as kind-of-leaderboards, that did not really interest me. (I am not on facebook or instagram, I rarely use twitter. Maybe all of you are there in thousands of small duolingo groups. Then I regret to post this here.)

[Other] Online games allow you to form groups, which can compete or try to achieve common objectives. Why can't Duolingo provide such a platform? A common focus for some of us in our favourite language, e.g. improve interesting web pages by translating them from one the target language to the native languages of the learners, that freely join working on it. This can also be translations for free software or whatever you will propose.

Yes, I even agree if Duolingo makes money with it. And even better, if duo learns to share with us. However, we would gain much more: Fun and expertise in translation in subjects we are interested in; getting contacts and a glimpse of the culture of those who speak that language ...

A deliberate provocation at last: Currently Duolingo is a single-seat learning tool with frequent online updates, many forums and configurable online highscores. There could be more to it. Let us enjoy duolingo and improve it.

June 5, 2019

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What has this to do with the Educators forum which is reserved for teachers discussing with staff their schools classroom product?


My advise: Please move your thread to the right forum before a moderator/staff member deletes it, e.g general "Duolingo(English)" by editing your main comment and choosing the other forum from the list; you have to be subscribed to it previously on the right side.

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