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  5. "Exit over there."

"Exit over there."

Translation:E puka i waho ma ʻō.

June 5, 2019



Is "i waho" necessary?


Not 100% needed


So I left it out and got it wrong - will mark as should be accepted; mahalo!


E puka aku could be possible. It is contextual. E puka i waho implies that the person is exiting outside of where they are. It seems to me E puka aku would be fine as well. They may not have expected all possibilities.


'i laila' instead of 'ma ʻō' - incorrect. Could anyone explain the difference?


over there kind of implies that you are indicating a place that you can see - ma ʻō or i ʻō. The word laila meaning there refers to place already mentioned in the conversation but not necessarily a place you can see. Ua hele aku au i Nuioka. Ua 'ike au i Broadway i laila. I went to New York. I saw Broadway there.


How strict this rule is? If I'm talking about something behind the building, that is out of view at the moment, would it be right to say 'ma ʻō'? Or if I mean an approximate direction and I'm making a hand gesture, but the target location is far from me and the listener?


That should be fine because you could kuhikuhi or give direction to that place. So i ʻō would work.


Sadly, it seems to be ... :-) ... I omitted it as well.

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