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  5. "Come in the house."

"Come in the house."

Translation:E komo i loko o ka hale.

June 5, 2019



Why "o ka hale" and not "ka hale"?


That is how Hawaiian structures its prepositions of location. We can drop the word of in English, but not in Hawaiian. It is almost always- i, then the location word, then o, then the noun.


Could I say "E puka i loko o ka hale" or is "puka" only used for exiting?


komo - enter // puka - exit


How about come out of the house, if the speaker is outside and is calling for the person to come out? Would that be puka or komo? (Mai, at least!)


I always find it helpful to look up the word and look at its range of meanings:

“To pass through, appear, emerge, come out, get out of, issue, come into sight; to rise, as the sun“


I also like to try and connect it with other meanings, such as “hole.” The idea of emerging from a hole comes into view.

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