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  5. "I speak to the heart."

"I speak to the heart."

Translation:Ich spreche das Herz an.

April 14, 2013



in English, 'I speak to the heart' and 'I speak with the heart' are not the same. 'to the heart' is more of an appeal to someone else's emotions. 'with the heart' is speaking from my heart.
Duolingo says that 'ich spreche mit dem Herzen' can translate to either of these meanings. Is 'mit dem Herzen' idiomatic for 'to the heart'? How would you say 'I speak with the heart' or even 'I speak with my heart'?


Why 'Herzen' and not 'Herz'?


That is the way it is written in Dative singular (and plural). If you only had the German sentence and were debating whether it was plural or singular, you'd reference the preceding article. Dem = singular, den = plural.
According to canoonet however, both "dem Herz" and "dem Herzen". Additionally, from what I understand (German isn't my first language), Duden says that "dem Herz" is preferable over "dem Herzen". So if both aren't accepted, perhaps flag it next time. If you were just wondering why, I hope this helps and doesn't make it worse!

Canoo.net: http://www.canoo.net/inflection/herz:N:N
Duden: http://www.duden.de/suchen/sprachwissen/Herz


OK, thanks for both of those links. Seems my answer should have been accepted. I thought it might be some mysterious usage such as 'zu Hause' where the noun takes a form that is neither singular nor plural.


The mysterious usage of "zu Hause" is the same situation as "dem Herzen". Haus/Hause are both possible spellings in dative according to canoo.net.


I still don't understand why it isn't 'mit dem Herz'.


Interesting discussion


Why isn't "Ich spreche dem Herzen" not acceptable?


Probably because the verb sprechen takes zu or mit before the indirect object (unlike sagen)

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