"I am hungry."

Translation:Pōloli ka ʻōpū.

June 5, 2019



(link) https://manomano.io/definition/28901


[PE] 1 n Belly, stomach, abdomen, tripe, giblet; bag, as of a net (see ex., mahola); gizzard, bladder, crop of a bird, maw of an animal, womb; disposition. Kai ʻōpū, giblet gravy. ʻO kuʻu ʻōpū, ʻo kuʻu ʻōpū! Ua hoʻokaʻawili ʻia au ma kuʻu naʻau, my bowels, my bowels! I am pained at my heart. [PPN koopuu]

(link) https://manomano.io/definition/32888


[PE] 1 nvs Hunger, famine; hungry. Make pōloli, starved to death. hoʻopōloli To deprive of food, starve, cause hunger; to fast, [PCP pololi]

Pōloli ka ʻōpū. = (Literally: The belly is hungry.) = I am hungry.

June 5, 2019


Thanks! Very helpful. It's too early in the day for me to scour the internet for a similar article, but this is very parallel to the way Korean expresses hunger. It also translates "there is hunger in the belly/the belly is empty" without referencing the person.

August 1, 2019
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