"Zȳrha sētera rȳban."

Translation:I hear his spells.

June 5, 2019

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    This language is so difficult. Why do you have so many different words for him/her, now? I'm still learning the nuha nuhor nuhyz thing, but seriously, zyrha/zyhi/jahe/jahi? When do you even use those? They're completely different words as well, in Valyrian


    It's actually not that many words. Since HV doesn't distinguish between male and female, you still only have two actual words (jahon, zyhon), just the endings have to take the correct form. This is a concept that is almost extinct in English, but it's still present in many other real languages.

    That is kind of the price that you have to pay in a language that needs fewer words to express something: The words have to change more in order to be able to carry all that meaning.

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      Yes that makes sense of course. It’s just really difficult for me to know which one to use, especially with all these classes. I barely know how to differentiate them. Can you explain the difference between Jahon/Zyhon then?


      A good source to dive into things that you don't really understand yet from just the Duolingo course (since Duolingo is not really good into explaining the more difficult stuff) is the HV wiki: https://wiki.dothraki.org/Main_Page

      You use " jāhon" when the possessor (not the possessee, don't get that confused!) is either aquatic or terrestrial. You use "zȳhon" if the possessor is lunar or solar.

      No matter which of these two, you still have to decline the endings together with the possessee (!). So, "zȳhon" can become something like "zȳha", "zȳhe", "zȳhī", and many others.


      This is quite exactly how masculine, feminine, and neuter genders determine what pronoun you use in Slavic, Romance, and Germanic languages.


      The High Valyrian grammar chart I saw says the word should be zȳha. Where did the R come from?

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