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  5. "He poke ʻono kēia!"

"He poke ʻono kēia!"

Translation:This is tasty poke!

June 5, 2019



I answered " this poke is delicious" how come that was incorrect?


This is tasty poke! = He poke ʻono kēia!

This poke is tasty! = 'Ono kēia poke!


I think it's because of the sentence structure. This type of Hawaiian sentence is made up of two parts: [a tasty poke] and [this]. The second part is the subject, so in this case, "This" is the subject of the sentence. The two parts get switched around in English to [This] (is) [tasty poke]! Even though the meaning is basically the same, I think the course is trying to teach the Hawaiian sentence structure :D

(Someone in another thread compared the word-order to Yoda-speak, i.e. "A tasty poke, this is!") :D


correct you are!


if ʻheʻ is ʻaʻ, why is ʻthis is a tasty pokeʻ not accepted?


this poke is tasty - also marked incorrect! geez picky!


Mahalo all of you. I think I've got it.

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