Help with when to use 'a' vs. 'in'? (especially with regards to locations and phrases of time)

I'm having a really tough time understanding when to use which preposition in cases of being somewhere (like in the kitchen, at the theater, etc.) and in cases of time (like in July, in winter, etc.) and in multiple other scenarios. Is there a comprehensive guide for when to use what?

June 6, 2019


You can read my comments in these old discussions about prepositions used with verbs of movement:

general overview

enclosed places

open places

parts of a house

cities, regions, countries, continents

June 6, 2019

For time expressions see:

Time expressions - part I - The parts of the day

Time expressions - part II - The days of the week

Time expressions - part III - The months and the seasons of the year

Time expressions - part IV - Years and centuries

June 6, 2019
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