"What do you have to do?"

Translation:आपको क्या करना है ?

June 6, 2019

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Why doesnt it accept तुमको?


तुमको is equivalent to तुम्हें but since the latter is the more widely used form, perhaps Duo accepts only that. Regardless, you can report.


For fun, and maybe the benefit of others, I thought I might share my mistakes

तुम क्या करना हो X तुमहें क्या करना हो X तुम्हें क्या करना है ✓

(gosh, actually typing in devanagari instead of choosing the prewritten words is so much better to learn on duolingo)


is it करना and not करने because the verb "have" has to be considered as transitive ?


This is not a literal translation and Hindi does not have an equivalent of the verb 'have'.

You can think of the '[Noun+को/dative-case pronoun] [verb-infinitive] [होना] ' construction as being idiomatic and meaning '[Noun/pronoun] has to [verb]' or '[Noun/pronoun] wants to [verb]'


Note you can also use आपको करना क्या हे when you want to put full emphasis in the WHAT


Why is "aapko karna kya hai?" wrong? I heard people using it many times.


It is used only in colloquial Hindi.

While formal/standard Hindi is mostly set on word-order, in colloquial spoken Hindi, you can play around with the word order to communicate various subtleties in meaning. This is also usually accompanied by a suitable inflexion of speech (in the absence of which the sentence with nonstandard word-order may sound unnatural). Because these unfamiliar subtleties in meaning can be a source of confusion for new learners, Duolingo does not consider colloquialisms as correct and insists on formal/standard Hindi.

In the case of आपको करना क्या है?, the changed word order can be used to express exasperation, usually by placing stress on करना while speaking.

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