"You will be alone"

Translation:Utakuwa peke yako

June 6, 2019

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Why cant i say utakuwa pekee


'pekee' means 'only'; 'peke yake' can mean either 'only' or 'alone'/'separated from others' (there's also '-a kipekee' which means 'one of a kind'/'special')

  • Ninataka ndizi pekee - I only want a banana/bananas
  • Ninataka ndizi peke yake - I only want a banana/bananas
  • Ndizi mbichi ziliwekwa kikapuni ilhali zilizoiva ziliwekwa peke yao - Unripe bananas were put in the basket while the ripe ones were stored on their own
  • Hii ni zawadi ya kipekee - this is a one of a kind gift


Does this also mean "you will be by yourself?"

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