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"E māmā, i wai naʻu ke ʻoluʻolu."

Translation:Mom, water for me please.

June 6, 2019



Well, "Water, please" almost always means "Water for me, please."


In our initial lessons, "E Kaleo" or "E " meant "Hey Kaleo" or "Hey ". That form of address is considered incorrect as an English translation for this exercise.

Is this a matter of social mores, dialect, manners—that we would not address our mothers with "Hey Mom—"?

Would really appreciate some feedback on this one. Mahalo!


I wonder if "Hey, (name)" isn't a bit of an over-translation for something that just means "I'm talking to you, (name)."


(duolingo) Vocative E

E is used before a noun (usually a person) to indicate that the person is being addressed.

Ex. Mahalo, e Kawika. (Thanks, Kawika.) ➜ You are saying thanks to Kawika.

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