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Bahut or bahuti?

Hey everyone its been months since i started learning hindi so now im at that stage of getting to know thing , hearing them and noticing so yesterday I heard the word “bahuti” ! It was like this : “bahuti achcha hai” well isnt it supposed to be “bahut” why its “bahuti” here? And im sure somewhere else i heard “bahutiya” or something!! if could help me with this id be glad to hear from u guys . Thanks a lot , Romi

June 6, 2019



I think what you heard was 'बहुत ही अच्छा है'.

The ही is used to add emphasis. Here it is saying that it is really very good.
You can also use it in other places. For example, 'यह काम तुम ही करोगे ' - 'You will do this'. The ही is used to emphasise that it is you and not anyone else who will do it.


OMG! Thank you so much for the breakdown! Thanks for the tip!

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