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Hindi Advice?

Does anyone have any tips for learning Hindi? Particularly the alphabet?

June 7, 2019



For the alphabet, see if you find the Devanagari script tutor helpful - https://www.hindibhasha.com/hindiscripttutor.htm


A question for native Hindi speakers: Would you prefer people to call Devanagari an abugida rather than an alphabet?


Most natives who are not really into linguistics will not be aware of the english names that differentiate different writing systems. If at all they are aware of such, they are more likely to know similar classification in Hindi.


I would recommend just writing it out, like say simple sentences if you access to such, even if it sounds boring and is initially very tedious. Most likely, you will get a hang of it in a few days and be able to look at building higher skills up on it soon enough


Write it over and over until you know it inside out

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