Six of Duolingo's defects

I shall list the most annoying defects, ranked according to their level of annoyance: 1) LOST STREAKS: TWICE this year I had my streak broken (after 84 days and today after 196 days), even though I made sure every day to see that I met or exceeded my set goal of 30 points. It might be part of your business plan, to break streaks and then offer the user DL Plus, but it is VERY annoying. 2) DISPLAY: The color choices for the Android app often make it VERY difficult to see "highlighted" words. Please consult a vision expert about which colors are visible on a white background, or better yet-- try it yourself (with someone who is NOT color blind!) You might also avoid using color for highlighting simply, and use underline or italics. 3) SOUND: Often when I start the app the sound is too soft. Raising the volume does not help, because the app immediately lowers it again to nearly inaudible level. This is on a Samsung S9+ with Android 9.0 from T-Mobile. 4) SCREEN LAYOUT: Many have complained about the fact that the answers are covering up the original responses. The best remedy: spend some time watching people who are using your app. 5) ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS: Some of the English translations (to the Czech sentences in my course) could be corrected or improved. Native speakers of any language are not immune to making grammatical and other mistakes. 6) FEEDBACK: You boast that you use feedback from the users, so do it-- listen to your users-- let them know that you have read their complaints and addressed them.

June 7, 2019


Lost streaks

Unfortunately, Duolingo's servers are very slow in synchronizing the data on your device and the databases on their servers.


1) Never log out Duolingo or your device before you have forced the synchronisation:

  • App:
    Select another course in the App
    Tap the flame icon to check if it still shows "You've met your daily goal"

    Refresh your browser.

2) Check the synchronisation in your personal (unofficial, but very useful) progress page

June 7, 2019

I DID check the flame icon, and it did say that I met or exceeded my goal, but the next day I was told that I lost my streak. I used to care more about it, but now I realize the limitation of this app and have lowered my expectations. I probably posted my annoyance because of the mercenary offer to get DL Plus to avoid losing streaks...

June 7, 2019

The flame icon is NOT reliable. You really need to double check!

June 7, 2019

Not surprising, but good to know. Thanks.

June 8, 2019

Is this why we sometimes don't get the reward thing, chests or circles?

June 8, 2019

Double-space + carriage return = line break.

June 7, 2019

Please use formatting, search for Duolingo formatting guides.

  • add a double empty line after "ranked according to their level of annoyance:"

  • Add the "-" sign in front of your numbers to create paragraphs / bullet points.

  • Use the double space, as previously mentioned, at the end of the line to make a line forward feed within the same paragraph.


  • 1) Test1.

  • 2)....

June 7, 2019

Thanks-- I did try to start each numbered annoyance with its own new line, but once I hit POST, it was all lost. Since I thought that no one will look at it anyway, I was too lazy to invest more time in re-formatting.

If defects worth reporting in DL persist, I promise to present them better in the future.

June 7, 2019

WOW . . . you sound so angry! Duolingo is doing a great job. Of course there are defects; but aren´t they outweighed by the value of the free resource? I too get frustrated with these shortcomings, but I don´t go off on one - I´ve even learned unwittingly to speak American English!

June 7, 2019

Frankly, I think my post sounded far less angry than I was when I posted it. However, as I said above, like you, I now have a better grasp of the limitations of this app, and have lowered my expectations accordingly. I also believe that my English is robust enough to withstand DL's unwitting attempts to corrupt it ;-)

June 7, 2019

My husband just lost a 338 day streak despite doing the is completely infuriating especially as it looks like a sneaky way to make him buy Duo plus. The anomalies and inconsistencies drive me crazy. So does the male Italian voice when he mumbles and swallows words....I will not let them get me down though! Did you get a reply?

June 8, 2019

No-- I did not get a reply, nor did I expect one, given DL's past silence in response to similar posts. As soon as some other app teaches Czech I'll get rid of it.

June 9, 2019

I agree with SCREEN LAYOUT - The words I chose are hidden under the grey box where the word was so I cannot see what I have put or what I did wrong. I have been complaining about this for over a week and it's still not working properly. PLEASE fix.

June 8, 2019
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