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  5. "He kanauika? Moni ka hāʻae!"

"He kanauika? Moni ka hāʻae!"

Translation:A sandwich? My mouth is watering!

June 7, 2019



(link) https://manomano.io/definition/26055

Moni ka hāʻae, to water at the mouth, drool; Lit. swallow the saliva.


Where is the consistency?
When it stands alone, "Moni ka hāʻae!" requires "THE mouth waters" But in this example, the only accepted translation is ...MY mouth waters.


I wondered the same thing- why does it change in the new context? Why is 'The mouth waters' wrong?


The mouth waters is supposed to be like saying MY mouth waters without the MY reference. So they gotta add it as the acceptable option or they gotta put the "ko'u" in the example. Add the ko'u or make "the mouth waters" a correct answer, Ke 'olu'olu 'oe!

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