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  5. "Por que você lê esse livro?"

"Por que você esse livro?"

Translation:Why do you read that book?

April 14, 2013



The hint gave me "this" & "that" for "esse" but using "this" got marked wrong. Is the hint wrong or is there something in the context that implies "that" over "this"?


"This" should also be accepted


So, there's no real difference between "esse" and "este"?


The main reason is this: este = masculine, used when you tak about something close to you. Esse = masculine, used when you talk about something close to the person you are talking to. But, to be true, we dont follow this rule. We use them interchangeably.


Paulenrique is right, but i'd like to add that we use "esse" in all occasions (close and far) when we are speaking, but we do use 'este' for something that's close and 'esse' for something that's far when we are writing.


where is the book? it is present at the scene.

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