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  5. "I mea inu naʻu."

"I mea inu naʻu."

Translation:A drink for me.

June 7, 2019



Please, can someone provide grammar lesson on why sentence begins with "i"?

I expected to see "he" used in the sentence, but instead "I" appears.


The way I see that is this - He mea inu na'u is just a statement - (That is) a drink for me. I mea inu na'u makes it a request or a want or desire, to answer the question What would you like to have?


Would also like to know this!


I HATE when instead of giving us the translation of every word they give us the translation of the whole phrase, I don't know what any of those words mean


cant mea also be "one" like one drink for me?


Not really. The word inu is the verb to drink and the two words mea inu is the noun drink or beverage. The word A is actually implied in the sentence. There is no equivalent word in the Hawaiian language sentence at all. The word i is an object marker, like a preposition.

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