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  5. "QongtaH SeHwI'."

"QongtaH SeHwI'."

Translation:The controller is sleeping.

June 7, 2019



Would this refer to a person who controls things, or a control device, or both?


Both. Is a printer a person who creates posters or the machine that puts the ink on the paper? Sometimes you need context to make it clear. For this sentence, the verb is a big indication.


Thanks! I thought that was probably the case in context but just wanted to be sure as the word was earlier implied to be an inanimate object, and Duolingo courses do sometimes have some pretty surreal sentences!


Most likely a person because the verb is most likely associated with a lifeform that sleeps. Though, perhaps in some rare situation, someone might try to describe a standby mode of a device that controls something, as "sleeping".

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