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"'IrneHnalwI' ghaH qorghlaH'e'."

Translation:Korglach is my mother's sister's husband.

June 7, 2019



I have a question about this family relation: What would I in this sentence be from Korglach's perspective? That is, a nephew through marriage. Is that also a tey' (because of the mother-sister relation) or a lor (because of different genders)? Or something combined with -nal? Or is there no special word for it, and I'd have to say something like be'nalwI' tey or vIn? Thanks in advance.


If you want to be specific then be'nalwI' tey' would be best. I think yur might also be appropriate if you don't want to stop and think about what the exact relationship is. vIn is not appropriate for talking about the relationship of a specific individual. It means something more like, "one of the cousins".


Thanks for the detailed reply! maj ram


Wouldn't "Korglach is my aunt's husband." also be a correct translation?


Yes. It should have been in the list of accepted answers, but it somehow got skipped. I've added it now, so it should be accepted if you come across the sentence again.

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