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  5. "quS bIngDaq 'oHtaH paq'e'."

"quS bIngDaq 'oHtaH paq'e'."

Translation:The book is underneath the chair.

June 7, 2019



The sound file for this sentence seems to have a mispronunciation in it. 'oHtaH is pronounced like 'oHtaq'.


I literally only found this because I searched for my name in the forums. I'll do that every so often, now, so either post in the audio insights thread or tag me by name.


I guess it was a weird spoonerism, with my vocal apparatus looking ahead to the upcoming paq'e'. I have rerecorded, but for some reason it takes a while to replace in the system. Let me know if it's still not good in a week or so.

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