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"आमिर अगस्त में अपने गाँव जायेगा "

Translation:Aamir will go to his village in August.

June 7, 2019



Aamir will go to YOUR village is marked as incorrect. Couldn't अपने be "your"?


No, अपना refers to the subject of the sentence, which is Aamir in this case, so it would be "his".


Olga, I have the same issue, as long as apne is used for he, she and you


Why is it apne and not apna?


because of an implicit postposition (को) before movement verbs like go and come that implies the noun phrase takes up the oblique form


Is it really impossible to make the program a little bit more intelligent than it currently is? You erroneously write "Aamir will go to his village i August", and it says "you used the wrong word", i.e. "i" instead of "in". And there is a lot of similar cases like this ... (another time, for instance, I had inadvertently written "wil" instead of "will" ... WRONG)


I do not understand the use of अपने instead of उसके


अपना is used if the person possessing something is the same as the subject of the sentence. For example:

आमिर अगस्त में अपने गाँव जायेगा । – Aamir will go to his (Aamir's) village in August.

आमिर अगस्त में उसके गाँव जायेगा । – Aamir will go to his/her (someone else's) village in August.


Thanks for the explanation!


I put the correct answer, identical to the solution. It is being marked INCORRECT!

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