"She does not eat the ingredient in the plate."

Translation:Lei non mangia l'ingrediente nel piatto.

April 14, 2013

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When is it nel and when is it nello?


Nel means "in the." It is a contraction of "in + il" and you use it in front of a masculine singular noun. It's use in the above sentence is a little confusing because it doesn't really translate into English where we would say "...on the plate" but there we have a difference to understand.

"Nello" is a contraction of "in + lo" so you would use it in front of words where you need "lo" eg, lo stadio,

More fully: "In" and the definite article combine to form the following:

in+il = nel, eg. nel cinema (in the cinema), in+l' = nell' eg. nell'albergo, (in the hotel) in+lo = nello eg. nello stadio, (in the stadium) in+la = nella eg. nella macchina, (in the car) in+i = nei eg. nei forni, (in the ovens) in+gli = negli eg. negli aeroporti (in the airports) in+le = nelle eg. nelle partite (in the matches.)

Hope this helps :)


''She does not eat the ingredient in the plate''? What the hell does that mean?? Sounds like a KGB password. 'The man with tight shoes is the grey squirrel'!

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