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"Did you see me yesterday? No, we did not see you."

Translation:wa'Hu' tulegh'a'? ghobe'. pIleghbe'.

June 7, 2019



Since this exercise established context, (with the second sentence), the choice could have been between two prefixes cho- vs. tu-. That would be especially difficult to guess, and might be a more advanced type of question.


I have that feeling a lot. The multiple choice questions are always too obvious, with the wrong answers having completely different words or obviously extraneous ones. I almost never know the correct prefixes but can always guess the right answer. That doesn't help me learn them at all.


I'm not sure it doesn't help at all. It's still an instance of your brain seeing the proper prefix in use. Duolingo's policy is that it wold rather avoid user frustration than risk people quitting their studies because they find it too difficult. But you are correct that exercises that actually make you have to differentiate the prefixes themselves would be much better for speeding up learning. Duolingo is always updating their systems and adding new featuers. We can only hope that they will eventually make the multiple choice questions work better or add additional exercises that may be more helpful, especially at the higher Crown Levels.

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