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Possible word strength algorithm issue

In last couple of weeks I had many Italian skills deteriorate in strength.

I probably did more than 400 XP worth of refreshing my mid lvl skills but that had no visible effect on lower lvl skills like "Basics 2" and "Food".

I was expecting them to regolden simply by doing higher lvl skills since those skills should also contain sentences with some of the words from "Basics 2" and "Food".

I can simply refresh them in 30 s by doing timed practice but I wanted to verify my assumption.

If this is normal behavior just ignore this post.

Thanks for reading.

June 5, 2014



I've seen this behavior before with early skills, most recently with the 'to be' skill, which should be easy to strengthen, but didn't after several weeks. I finally gave gave strengthened it individually. I've also seen it happen on Basics 2 for me.
I think this has something to do with DL occasionally 'locking' vocabulary words. I'm not sure what is going on with the workings of the vocabulary these days, but back when you could see your individual word strengthen, sometimes vocabulary words would get 'locked out' of 'practice weakest words'.
If I had to guess, this is a hold over from that, and when it happens, you just have strengthen the skill individually.


Now that you mention it I remember that as well.

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