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  5. "Eu quero outra maçã."

"Eu quero outra maçã."

Translation:I want another apple.

April 14, 2013



Could this also mean "I want a different apple"? As in, "other" = "different".


I think it's better to maintain "another" because it may mean 2 things: "I want a differente apple" but also "I want one more apple". As we dont know what the intention was, it's better to be more literal.


Ah, okay. So, in context it could mean "I want a different apple" as well.


Is there a significant reason why the article 'uma' is omitted here?


I'm wondering as well. I would have expected "eu quero uma outra maçã". I wonder why it can be dropped here.


As well as in Spanish, "indefinite article + outro/a" does not sound good.


is there a difference between eu quero outra maçã and eu quero mais uma maçã?



Yes, there is.

"Eu quero outra maçã" means I want another apple. If I hear that I would understand that into two ways: (01) you have an apple with you and you want to change it for another for some reason. Because it is rotten, for instance. Or (02) you have an apple with you and you want one more. So you will have two of them.

"Eu quero mais uma maçã" have one straight meaning: you want one more apple. You ate one of it, it was delicious and now you want one more.

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