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  5. "The practice is long today."

"The practice is long today."

Translation:Lōʻihi ka hoʻomaʻamaʻa i kēia lā.

June 8, 2019



Would "The practice today is long." also be a correct translation?


I'll accept that. It might take Duo a day or two to update.


Is this the correct usage of lōʻihi ? Lōʻihi usually refers to lengths, heights,distances. Wouldn't li'u or li'uli'u be a better choice?

liʻu.liʻu 1; to pass much time; to spend much time


Aloha e MojaveMama! Mahalo for this question. Lōʻihi can be used as "long" when referring to space, but also time as well! I'm a fan of the word liʻuliʻu also, but I have probably heard lōʻihi more often.

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