Most Spoken Standardized Romance Languages

After a lot of effort and searching I came up with this list. I haven't found nothing like this on internet and so I decided to post here and to share this interesting information. Of course there are plenty of other romance languages and with even more speakers than some listed below, but I didn't mentioned them because they don't have an institutional regulation and a standard written form (what unifies a bunch of dialects as a language). If you have more information or if you know another romance language standardized that it's not here, feel free to give us a hand! Those are all the Romance Languages that are regulated by an institution and that have a standard grammar (position - English name - total number of speakers): 1)Spanish (534M); 2)French (278M); 3)Portuguese (261M); 4)Italian (68M); 5)Romanian (24M); 6)Catalan (10M); 7)Galician (2.3M); 8)Sardinian (1.2M); 9)Asturian (560k); 10)Friulian (300k); 11)Occitan (218.3k); 12)Corsican (151k); 13)Romansh (40k); 14)Ladin (31k); 15)Aragonese (30k); 16)Mirandese (15k). Approximate numbers according to the Ethnologue website ( and to "Instituto Camões" website P.S.: the creole languages based on a romance language lexical are not mentioned because linguistically they are born from at least two languages and they become a very different language from the other two and hanceforth they evolve distinctly than both of them.

June 8, 2019


This is very interesting, thank you!

June 9, 2019

You're welcome!

June 9, 2019

There is something that bothers me with the placements in this list... Realistically, a native Portuguese speaker with a basic level of Spanish is better able to communicate in Spanish than someone who is at an intermediary level of French and Italian whose native language is not Romance, so I never take seriously those numbers that massively inflate French based on the Francophony or Europeans who had it in high school. Most people don't get certification exams when they learn Portuguese from Spanish, or Spanish from Portuguese, even because to most of us it feels incomplete. Brazil alone has 205 million people, Portugal has 8, I don't believe that the world only has 21 million second language speakers of Portuguese, when that is almost already the populations of Angola and Mozambique summed up.

June 9, 2019

I appreciate your comment. Of course this list is just an idea of how those languages are compared to each other. If you look at mutual inteligibillity, some of those languages are discussed if they are in fact a language or if it's just a dialect of another major romance language. About the Lusophony I got a more realistic number from "Instituto Camões" that I myself think it's more realistic as well. I do think as well that the Francophony is over calculated since africans have generally an african mother tongue. Despite the fact that there're a lot of countries that claim French as their official language (much more than Portuguese), education generally is a great privilege in those countries (look at Magascar for example the biggest african french speaking country in terms of population, their literacy rate is 64.7%). The same thing applies to the african lusophone countries, in Guiné-Bissau people know Portuguese but they speak more a creole dialect (called Kriol) in general. With all that sad, I still think that (despite some errors) this list is very illustrative and allow people to know more romance languages and the romance languages culture

June 10, 2019
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