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"tlhIngan Hol yaj torgh 'ach DIvI' Hol yajbe'."

Translation:Torg understands Klingon but he does not understand English.

June 8, 2019



I was under the impression that we didn't have to remember the English versions of the Klingon names. But in this case, it said I had a typo when typing in English, I used the name {torgh} in my answer.


We had originally planned for everyone to always translate the names. Later we realized that perhaps we didn't need to force the "English" versions of the names on the users. So we had to edit all the translations in all the sentences. We have definitely missed a few. If you find more, feel free to use the report flag.


I think there was another in this lesson with "Torg", but I pressed "next" before I remembered to go into into the forum.


Does anyone know when "English" and "Federation Standard" can be interchanged?


I wrote tlhinganHol yaj torgh 'ach DIvIHol yajbe' but why as wrong? I don't understand.


The only errors I can see are that you should have put a space between tlhIngan and Hol and between DIvI' and Hol. Otherwise, what you wrote above looks correct.


There's also a missing qaghwI' (apostrophe) at the end of {DIvI'}


Good catch. I missed that.

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